Black Label

Black Label

As many fans are aware LG, anything from the LG Black Label series is worth watching. After all, this series BL40 launched the LG and the LG KG800, both of which are among the most popular mobile phones ever released by LG.

It seems that users have come to equal the Black Label series to the upper class, the high quality mobile phones. The new member of the family of chocolate has a lot of expectations to live up to, and upon closer inspection, the LG Chocolate BL20 does not disappoint.

What we like about the BL20

Aimed primarily at fashion mobile phone users, the design combines BL20 elegant with useful features and great features. It stays true to the hip and fashionable style associated with the Black Label series. This slider looks fantastic, with its sophisticated black exterior and flashy red keyboard. The design is sleek and minimalist,

The TFT screen measures 2.4 inches and has a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels that offers exceptional image quality. One of the best features of this phone however, is its 5.0 megapixel camera with optical Schneider-Kreuznach impressive, LED flash and autofocus function.

Typical of other Chocolate phones, the BL20 has touched several sensitive buttons that light up with an impressive red, taking into harmony with the greatest of all of your color theme. A common complaint of touch-sensitive buttons is that you are likely to press Next button by mistake. However, this is not the case of BL20 because not enough space between each button to minimize the chances of another button by pressing accident.

Another great thing about the new Chocolate phone is that its volume rocker is sensitive to touch. To make it even easier for you to find, the rocker also has been slightly raised and not totally flat. You need to press a little hard on the button but is actually good, because otherwise it would too easy to accidentally press the button.

What I do not like about the BL20

There are two things we do not like about the BL20, although these may seem rather nit-picky. First, the screen and even the phone frequently shows fingerprint marks. This may be due to the type of material used. A to maintain the BL20 looking clean, you have to clean it with some frequency.

Another complaint about the BL20 is that the regulator is very tight and emits an unpleasant scraping sound whenever it opens. In addition, the top button of the row where the shipment, delete and end keys, are located too near the edge. If you have thick fingers, you may find it uncomfortable to press these keys.

The final verdict

Considering its affordable price, soft design and ingenious features, the LG Chocolate BL20 definitely live up to expectations. The complaints against the unit are very small and can be easily overlooked.

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Lamb of God – “Black Label”

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