Black Green

Black Green
U How to install a phone jack that has 4 wires black red green yellow?

the wall that has the cables have the red green yellow and black i dont know what to do or have tried, but still not working

Ok, this is much easier then it seems. First Instead, strip about 1 / 2 inch of insulation from red and green wires. Open (turns) the making that will be used. You will see 4 screws, either in color or marked with a letter at his side. Loosen the red and green (marked R and G, if no colored screws). Striped Wrap the wire around the screw in a clockwise motion (this will help to tighten the wrapper as you tighten the screw). Retighten the screws. Replace the cat. You do not need the yellow and black wires at this time. If you add a second phone line, then you can use those.

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