Black Cow

Black Cow
Can anyone tell me where can I find an asshole black cow called?

black cow is similar to the sugar daddy is only covered with chocolate in outside.It 's the same square shape long in a long white stick as the sugar daddy.

I've heard that are gone. Sorry. But here is a replacement. —————- Sugar Daddy Pops Sugar Daddy Pops are delicious sweet milk caramel. The approximate size of these suckers are 1 wide x 3 long, caramel, caramel enough to keep you busy all day. These POPs are definitely a sweet nostalgia, but are as close that are going to get the old favorite Black Cow Sucker. History Candy Sugar Daddy "hawks" were initially developed in 1925 by James O. Welch, the original name was Pope this sucker was designed as a Sucker rich milk caramel on a stick for easy eating. In 1932 the name was changed to Sugar Daddy to suggest a lot of sweetness. Candy Welch was bought by Warner-Lambert. "Gavilanes" disappeared for a while, but the brand was acquired in 1993 by Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. It has since been an old favorite candy of all ages and not just a favorite treat of the 50s. Each box contains 24 large Sugar Daddy Suckers per box.

Steely Dan – Black Cow

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