Black Carry

Black Carry
How can blacks carry Obama over the top with 12.2% of the population of us?

Black Americans represent only 12.2% or 37.1 million of our population … How is it that can lead a man over Obama, I do not think there will be many whites and Hispanics (who vote Republican) will switch sides to increase to … Am I missing something here? Can you explain to me?

Obama has won in many states that normally go to that party. The Republican Party has manipulated the primaries in states where this is allowed to vote for Obama, a candidate who can has no chance of winning the general election. If you take a look to the States that one must win to win the GE, which have been adopted by Clinton and also in states that are controlled by the Democratic Party still has to beat Clinton. To summarize, if not the Republicans be allowed to cross party lines in the primaries, Clinton would have wrapped this long ago!

Black Hawk Down – Burn Season – Carry On

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