Big Mouth

Big Mouth
What can I do with my mother in law big mouth?

it is a welcoming front door at Walmart. and never came close to when we go there. she will there and ask what we buy. she will be there and talk to my husband for 10 minutes when we leave. I'm serious. Please give me advice it's legal.

Tell him I want to take ownership of their work time talking with her because I do not want to get into trouble with his boss to talk instead of receiving customers and keep an eye out for thieves. (This is a nice way of saying you just do your job.) Then move forward! Just saying hello and one or two sentences as he walks by * *. What will you do – you follow? Tell your concerns to her husband – after all, he is the one standing there and letting go and continue chatting with him while his partner (you!) is becoming more restless and irritable.

Big mouth

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