Belt Cover

Belt Cover
How do you reset computer for drive belt brute force 750?

Belt warning light wine [not flashing]. Belt replacement put it back together now the warning light is flashing with rev limiter on.How I reset the computer still is the change in the belt cover supposed to be on or off?

First you have to disconnect the two pin plug sensor belt on top of the casing belt on the right side of the machine on top of the casing of the belt. Then, under the chair is a black male / female connector. Beside him is a man identical gray / female connector that only has a wire loop pugg on it and not go anywhere. Change the spark plugs in black and gray, and turn the ignition key. Light passes through diagnosis and blink rapidly several times then starts blinking slow. Let it blink slowly for at least 30 seconds or more. After the blink simmer for 30 seconds, turn the key off, turn them back as they were and should be restarted. Reconnect the sensor plug on the top of the casing and the strap should be good to go.

Timing Belt & Water Pump Replacement : Reinstall Timing Belt Cover & Idle Pulley

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