Belle Hop

Belle Hop
Boats to train a rabbit?

Okay. well my holiday belle, well, it almost seems as if she refuses to use the litterbox … has accsess to my bed because its just a mattress and looks like your favorite "litterbox" Even Tho its not his litter box, obviously. What can I do? I have read you just have to take her to the litter box, like every 10 minutes, but what do you do if she just hops right out? help!

View rabbit with attention when you let it out as soon as it appears as if it will make the toilet you need to accelerate again in the cage. If you arrive late, make sure they still put back in the cage immediately and if possible put any disaster has been made in y. Do not lock the cage though, because the rabbit does not want to associate the bathroom doing with getting locked in the cage. Make sure your rabbit into the bathroom making associated with being in the cage, only takes a couple of days to teach, only be sure to keep an eye on the rabbit in order to put in the cage immediately before or after (ideally) that makes the toilet. Put a litterbox in the cage. Praise the rabbit to use the litterbox. From rabbits to eat naturally eliminate a handful of hay in the litterbox habits can promote and reward the rabbit to go in If you see your rabbit about to eliminate outside the litterbox, try to scare or frighten into the litterbox. You can pick up your rabbit if you are comfortable with that, but it's better if you go in your account. Do not try to scold your rabbit after the fact, she will not understand. Rabbit urine can be cleaned with white vinegar. Clean throroughly to eliminate the odor, or rabbit to urinate again. Some rabbits will leave a few droppings around the areas they consider their territory. Rabbit droppings are very dry and can be easily dragged. Put them in the litterbox to help your rabbit get the message. Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck!

Anomie Belle – Bedtime Stories [Trip-hop]

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