Bedroom Timeshare

Bedroom Timeshare
What are the consequences if they violate or exceed the occupancy limit in a timeshare?

I was invited by my friend to join them in your timeshare in Las Vegas. This is a 3 bedroom unit for 8 good people including children. That is the maximum time-sharing policy for occupants is 8. But I knew that about 16-20 people going. How does timeshare receiving the possibility to check the exact people AMT checked? They say in their policy that limits are enforced but how to check if the host / owner is telling the truth by declaring the number of people present who stay in the unit? Timeshare owners please share your expriences. My friend did not seem to know what the consequences … I guess they can get away with it in the past that is why they are doing. But I want to be on the safe side, be a host, wanted to know if my stay will be guaranteed. I'm afraid it could be expelled and will be forced to obtain alternative accommodation elsewhere.

That is how too many in a 3 br timeshare. They come early in the morning and continue beating until someone answers. with that many people are going to use every inch of space and thensome. The eviction will almost immediately and banned use it anymore. I saw it happen. They have cameras all common areas, especially hallways.

my westgate time share in florida near disney world!

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