Beach Duffels

Beach Duffels
Can you attach the luggage to my car without a roof rack?

I have a Toyota Yaris, and my friends and I are driving about 3 hours to the beach. I have to fit luggage for 4 in / on it. Is there a way to tie / bungee some large duffel bags in the ceiling without installing a luggage rack or do anything permanent change in the car?

Doing that will scratch the hell out of your roof and luggage will slide all over the place. You will not be able to hold any thing without leaving the windows open at least a little. Not a good idea. I like going to a place that rents moving stuff and rent a small (to fit his model of car) roof rack that is not permanent. Additionally, the limit each passenger a reasonable amount of luggage. Swimsuits do not take that much room. Share things as hairdryers. Good luck.

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