Bdr Villa

Bdr Villa
Anyone know of a vacation rental home in Kissimmee, FL?

Now we are looking for a rental house (not home, condo, etc.). 3 BDR is required, no matter how many bathrooms, sleeps at least 4, near Disney and Unversal, spacy bits (cousin of the wheelchair) and that would be 12-28-08 to 1-2-09 (five days, four nights). No children or pets. I want the price to less than $ 100/night, but I can cope with $ 120, but no more! Thanks for any help can give me. If you have any questions, add them in your answer, and I put the answer in the "additional information" the following day (I will review very regular). Thanks again.

Wow, good luck. Go to the busiest time of year and, unfortunately, now is not the time to be choosy. If you do not has a place, however, take whatever you can find. That said, I just rented households with different companies, and my favorite is It was wonderful to be with them all the time. Also passed by If you are familiar with them.

Florida Executive 6-bdr Vacation Home Rental near Disney World

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