Ball Bag

Ball Bag

Recently compared to six of the most popular golf carry / stand bags that cost less than $ 100.00. These include the Warbird XTT Callaway, Cobra Sport, Nike Xtreme Sport, Mini Sun Mountain, TaylorMade Touriño and the Wilson Staff Feather 3.

All these bags were of high quality, and we rely on the criteria of price, the size of the top, the number of dividers, the strap, features, weight and number of colors available.

Based on these criteria, the stock Cobra Sport ranked # 1 in our tests. Has the highest top of the bunch (10 inches) and has most of the pockets (eight). And at 4.5 lbs., has an easy to carry. We thought this was the perfect blend of light weight without sacrificing any of the properties … and is looking for a good handbag!

New Wilson Staff Feather Bag placed second, because at just $ 79.95, is a hell of a deal. It has a 9.5 inches x 7.5 inches upward, and at 3.0 lbs., is super-light.

Surprisingly, the Mini Mountain Sun finished last. Although this bag comes in some colors looking really great, not seen as a "true" carrying case. But if you want the lightest bag on the market, at 2.7 pounds, this would be a great choice.

Our Classification:

# 1 – Cobra Sport

# 2 – Wilson Staff Feather 3

# 3 – Callaway Warbird XTT

# 4 – Nike Xtreme Sport II

# 5 – TaylorMade Touriño

# 6 – Sun Mountain Mini

The following are brief reviews of each bag:

# 1 – Cobra Sport Stand Bag

Cobra Sport Stand Bag has a 5-way top and two padded shoulder straps. It has 8 pockets, including a pocket lined valuables, plus an insulated beverage pocket and external mesh pocket. The quilted top 5 way that is comfortable and has two padded shoulder straps. It weighs 4.5 pounds, which makes it quite light. A rain cover is also included.

# 2 – Wilson Staff Feather 3

New for 2008, The Wilson Staff Feather 3 Carry bag is one of the lightest full size carry bag on the market at 3.0 lbs. It has material that is durable Nanalon and waterproof. The top is 9.5 "x 7.5" with a 6-way splitter that is wrapped in mesh for graphite shaft protection. The Featther 3 has 5 pockets including a water test, not the pocket of H2O. A detachable hood is also included.

# 3 – Callaway Warbird XTT Stand Bag

Features Callaway Golf's new XTRA Traction Technology (XTT) allowing for greater stability during activation. 9-inch oval top with 7-form, whole body system division. 6 pockets, including valuables pocket and insulated cooler pocket. A rain cover is also included.

# 4 – Nike Xtreme Sport II Stand Bag

The Xtreme Sport II has a bag of 8-way, the entire length divider system and weighs 5.0 lbs .. This bag has 6 pockets including a pocket for water bottle and a fur-lined valuable pocket. A rain cover is also included.

# 5 – Touriño TaylorMade Stand Bag

The foot bag Touriño featurs a 7-way full length divider top, and is constructed of polyester and 420 accents Propex. This bag has 3 pockets and a velvet integrated valuables pocket. Also included is the holder of a water bottle, TPR rubber logoed zipper pulls and rainhood one. This bag (unlike others in this comparison) is available in single or double strap. Weight: 5.8 pounds

# 6 – Sun Mountain Mini Stand Bag

This bag is the lightest of the bags in our comparison and weighs 2.65 pounds. The strap attaches to the top, which moves the center of gravity of the bag, resulting in a more balanced bag. This bag was one of the easiest to take the bunch we tested. The Mini comes with a 7 ", 4-top manner. Includes 5 pockets, including a bag of drinks, velvet-lined valuables pocket, a pocket full-length clothing, ball pocket and an accessory pocket. A rainhood game also comes with the bag, and an integrated pen holder and towel holder.

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