Bags Reuseable

Bags Reuseable
What I do at home and sell online, for-profit?

Hey! I am looking for ideas on topics I can do from home and sell online (probably Ebay) to make a profit. Here are some ideas I had, let me know what you think, or have any better ideas! "Toodles cloth / wipes pads -cloth/reuseable maxi–purses/tote bags jewelry candles, soaps, natural makeup (in gift baskets) beds –dog/cat aprons and gloves I like cooking much sewing, so I was thinking of something that looked like fun … Sewing dbe but I need to make about $ 400 a month. If you have any idea, or advice, plz let me know … what made you buy online at home? or ideas on how to make $ 400 per month from home would be great! Thank you!


How to Make a Cloth Grocery Bag : Overview of Reusable Cloth Grocery Bag

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