Bag Tag

Bag Tag
Where can I buy plastic loop straps for use with luggage / bag diaper nametags.?

I've been the creation Baggage / pocket / diaper bag tags using scrapbook materials. Then use a plastic luggage tag or a baseball card holder plastic to enclose the label. On one side of the label are the initials or name, and the other is the favorite friend kinds of things (sports, flowers, etc. ..). They're so cute, but can not find the crazy plastic things, unless I want to buy 500! They look like a clear plastic 8-9 "flexible rubber band. Thanks to everyone who can help find them. I'm not in the business of selling, are only for the gifts of friends and thank yous. …………………… To be clear … once the tag is made and is inserted into the laminated plastic holder, the folly of plastic passes through a hole in the end …. then you can connect to the bag. Thanks in advance for any help.


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