Bag Rust

Bag Rust
Eliminating hazardous materials from households?

I found a plastic bag hidden under my basement stairs including, 2-4-D herbicide (can be oxidized and broken), brake fluid (rusty, but apparently intact) and God knows what else (I'm afreed disturb the rest – seems to have been there 30 years). A private contractor is the only way to go? Thanks, Chris P.

This depends greatly on your location. Larger communities often service have a city called the Hazardous Materials Department or something. More rural county wide service. There are also private companies that will actually reach and remove items for you (but at a price Primium). For pesticides, try the USEPA Pesticide Information Hotline 1-800-858-7378. For examples of other, see the sites below. If you try to find one on the web, use the following words in the search: household hazardous materials [from your city or county]

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