Bag Purse

Bag Purse
Does your souvenir bag of a landfill? Are you full of papers, makeup, and odds-n-ends of days gone by? Does that further weight shoulder? If so, do not let the sun set before cleaning up the mess, partitioning the content, and organize your belongings so you can quickly find what you need when you want it. Here's how:

  1. Clear the clutter. Empty the contents of your bag on a flat surface. Then:

  • Step all the wrappers, tissues and paper collection.
  • Receipt of file you need to rest for taxation purposes or for the guarantee and the smallest.
  • Stop by the makeup essentials for quick changes. The same goes for other personal items.
  • Drugs to reduce the supply of one day.
  • Go through your wallet and remove all but the basic identification and a couple of credit cards. Minimize cash and bank balance. Select a checkbook, if you must bring one, and put the others away.
  • Put loose photos in a photo box or album.
  • Back oversupply (stamps, envelopes, pens, etc.) to your home office.
  • Keep all books and magazines.
  • Send all your clothes in the closet or washing.
  • Bunch technology items together, ie, your phone, PDA, etc.
  • Gather all the gifts he has been carrying around to entertain your child and put aside.

  • Partitioning the content. group, like things together and keep each group in a small box, bag or bag. For example, can carry only three cases in its portfolio, one for cosmetics, one for personal and financial things. Using small cases that are easy to distinguish it easy to grab what you want in seconds. Some options are:
    • Postal tissue cases. Check out rel = "nofollow" href = ""> Walker bags to see through case material in a lot of attractive colors.
    • Zip lock bags. Plastic bags can see what's inside, but economic class are readily available in supermarkets and drugstores.
    • A Purseket. This is a removable panel of flexible bags that fits inside your purse, available in

  • Organize your belongings. If you carry a handbag with lots of pockets or a bag without compartments, organizing the content of their portfolio is easy if you follow these suggestions:
    • Bag with compartments. Think about the design of your bag as having three circles concentric 1 open interior space, 2 inner pockets and 3 outside pockets. Put large items valuables (wallet, cell phone, PDA) in space inside your bag. Place small objects mean value (keys, medicines, cosmetics) in various inner pockets. Use a pen outside pocket of receipts and notes collected throughout the day. When I get home every night, get all the paperwork and process them as appropriate. Always organize your portfolio in this way and never a waste of time digging for keys or anything again.
    • Wallet or purse, without compartments. Keep things together, as in the cases individually color and are in extreme cases. Put the most valuable of the left, medium-value items in the center, and cases of less value in the right side of the bag.

    Tips and comments:

    • Bring lamb to separate children's toys, snacks, etc. This you do not have to load all the things that children, as well as making their own quick stops at the grocery store or dry cleaners.
    • Whatever the occasion, carry the bag as small as possible, create a default limit of what can cart around.
    • Choose a comfortable bag short, wide straps. Short straps keep the weight of the bag under his arm where it is easier to handle and better on his back.
    • Purses Dam disorder because are the only place to store things while you're away from home. So make it a habit of emptying the bag, especially in the outer pocket every night. This so you do not carry around more than you need or forget to look at the reminders that you need for the next day.

    Its portfolio work much better if you follow the above suggestions. As a bonus, you will be greeted with a more ordered every time he opens his bag.

    Pam N. Woods is co-author of a bestselling book, Create the Business Breakthrough You Want: Secrets and Strategies from the World’s Greatest Mentors; endorsed by Ken Blanchard and Dr. Stephen Covey. She is a respected authority on personal effectiveness who has mentored hundreds of executives, managers and professionals over the last three decades. Now, through her business, Smart WorkLife Solutions, she is helping individuals at home and at work to declutter their space, their schedules and their lives.

    Pam’s website is a resource with information and services to help a diverse population of individuals organize their office, home and life. If you want to save time, boost productivity and reduce stress visit the Smart WorkLife Solutions website today at


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