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Bag Olive

Mexico is a wonderful country, rich in culture, historical monuments, beautiful beaches, beautiful colonial architecture and warm hospitality full of people who have a way of expressing the joy of having you around to share with you the excellent traditional Mexican dishes Chiles rellenos or stuffed Poblano Peppers I've come want much.

El Chile Poblano derives its name from the Mexican state of Puebla, located south of Mexico City and its very popular and raised in this country, has a rich dark green with a high content of vitamin C, with a heart-shaped figure long, is a mild chile Chile, although it may be hot, but this difficulty can overcome by removing the seeds and veins from the inside which is the typical process is done when the poblano chiles stuffed, to make room for filling. Usually the ground pork or beef mince call is used for filling. Shredded Chicken can also be used but the fill that I like is the use of Mexican-style cheese.

Especially during the month of September, when Mexicans celebrate their independence from the Spanish Empire, the demand for poblanos Chile peppers grows as is used in a very elaborate and traditional dish called Chiles in Walnut Sauce, which translates into stuffed Poblano Peppers served with ingredients that resemble the Flag colors of the Mexican Green chile poblano, red pomegranate seeds and walnut sauce topped with creamy white, but do not be alarmed our recipe requires a different type of recipe and easier at home than the recipe above, this traditional dish was made especially to honor Gen. Agustin Iturbide, while spending by the city of Puebla, after signing documents stating the Independence of Mexico from Spain in 1821.

One last tip before reaching the magic to make this delicious recipe sure to be careful enough not to scratch your eyes or touch your face while removing veins and seeds from the peppers with your hands, believe me I'm saying this from my own experience of past burns.

Stuffed Poblano Pepper Recipe (for two)


2 poblano chiles,
4 thick slices of cheese or cheese of Mexico,
3 eggs (three egg whites, one yolk),
1 / 2 c. All-purpose flour,
1 cup olive oil

Preparation: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray the poblano peppers with olive oil and baked them in turn often for about 15 minutes until the skin starts to burn. Once out of the oven put poblano peppers in a plastic bag and let stand about 5 minutes, take them out of the bag and peel the skin completely burned. Take the veins and seeds out of poblano peppers (use of latex gloves preferably). Stuffed with cheese evenly. Put olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat. First beat 3 egg whites in a dry bowl, where spongy add one egg yolk and continue beating. Put flour in a plate and carefully roll poblano chiles in flour until covered. Poblano peppers Dip in beaten eggs bowl and use a spoon to completely cover them and fry until golden. Serve with rice and refried beans. Enjoy!

Most Mexican Food Recipes call for ingredients that can be switched for healthier options like in this case we prefer frying with olive oil instead of other type of vegetable oils, you can use wild rice instead of white rice and so on just use your imagination and you will end up with a lot of healthy tasty recipes like this stuffed Poblano peppers.

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