Bag Navy

Bag Navy

Having taken the plunge and bought a pair of Super Skinny jeans bleached I'm super happy … until I got home and contemplated what exactly I have to take with them without looking like a throwback to the eighties. If you are in the same situation as me then I suggest you go to Topshop majorly purchased in the appearance of denim bleached.

My The first recommendation for bleached denim is trying to use a principle which is a little paler than the denim-this is quite difficult, as bleached denim is so pale, but wearing a white top Nice attention to the detriment of the bottom up, secondly, if like me, are a bit more aware of your ass and hips are used with a long top that sits above the hips to hide a bit, if your struggling to find find a high long enough in the tall sections and led action in a longer length.

I think the best way to use these jeans will with either of the two trends of this season's floral trend and the nautical trend. If you opt for the floral look, try mixing small floral prints with accessories nervous Topshop have very good blouses and chiffon bustier, which when matched with a pair of super skinny jeans and skyscraper heels, black and thick gold jewelry will create a very rock festival look chicken.

If you decide that the nautical trend, then the safest bet is to invest in a black or navy blue jacket, black, but probably more longevity, choose a simple white vest and thick wedges; New Look have very good striped sailor's style this season. For accessories I think you should buy in jewelry cheap and cheerful nautical inspired seen on the street for a while so carried trend is best to avoid spending so much money and going to somewhere like Primark, but if you prefer the most expensive, then Urban Outfitters brilliant theatrical make jewelry. For the nautical look that would keep the bag simple, perhaps the structure of a leather bag in black or brown. If you feel very adventurous buy a hat straw hat and wear with attitude.

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