Bag Handbag

Bag Handbag
Can I carry a bag and a bag as handluggage to fly with KLM from Africa to the south? I'll pay my 23g?

I have been resident in the Netherlands for 3 months and are returning to South Africa in June, KLM flight. I bought a little to much, and I want to them to know if my luggage 23 kg I pay (I am the economics of flight) can take a coat, handbag and another bag in the plain? If I want to send some of my things with KLM charging much? I hope you can help!

It is unlikely to present the extra 3 kg. If the 15-20kg or more overweight, which is another thing. You can take your coat and bags, provided they are not large. Check the dimensions on the counter or ask the airline in advance. Just make sure you can take your luggage easily done. If you make a scene then you may be asked to check in their baggage other.

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