Bag Gray

Bag Gray

Over the past three or four seasons we have seen an increase in the fashions entering our high streets gray. Do you embrace these fashions or flee and pursue his trusted black? Gray is much more flattering to us all, why not read on to learn how to use it.

Through my work as an image consultant, I hear women often say, "I always buy black because it is safe and goes with everything" or "I like the look of the gray in stores, but do not know if I should or how to use it. "

Well, I can say that none of us women have to be afraid of using gray. There is a gray tone that flatters us all ranging from impressive ice gray, the beautiful soft silver dove, and the dramatic steel gray. Gray is a fantastic backdrop for this season's colors from violet to red. Due that gray is a color that is not as harsh as black, which will provide a smoother more flattering look for us.

If you have blond hair and pale skin clear eyes, you'll look better in paler shades of gray. Tones as light gray or pewter dove was associated with violets, aquas and pinks, will be impressive.

Those of us with dark hair, dark eyes should choose charcoal gray. The characteristics of this deep, rich shade of gray are great mixed this season with pure purple or red.

Red head is his half-charcoal gray work best when combined with rust and terracotta be surprising have seasonal colors.

All shades of gray are a necessity for people with gray-tone, silver or ash. Mixed with bright purple, red, Aqua blue or pink will give the most impressive use of gray.

If you have black hair and bright eyes, it looks very clear. Therefore, the need to combine its gray color with a lighter or brighter. Try charcoal gray with bright red or dark purple with light gray.

For those with a soft look, avoid the use of gray, in contrast with brighter tones. Instead, its best choice is the tin with a red or purple soft muted. As a perfect neutral color, gray is great for shoes and handbags. Try a gray patent handbag or pair of shoes to see through this season.

To find out more about which greys and other colours are best for you, why not book a Colour Consultation Your Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultant will show you your best colours and how to wear them.

Sarah Gray is a Senior Image Consultant with Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultants. Located in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, Sarah offers advice on all aspects of personal image such as colour analysis, style consultations and make-up lessons. She also offers wardrobe weeding, personal shopping and corporate presentations.

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