Bag Briefcase

Bag Briefcase

While we are all aware Columbia is characterized by coffee, is also very popular for leather goods. Dorado and Santa Fe, leather wallets, bags sports, shaving equipment and apparel bags are all made in Colombia. These cases are very fine leather from South America vacquetta it looks better and better with use. Leather Vacquetta is known for its durability and rich patina that develops over years of use. The Dorado line is known for its almost perfect leather surface and pockets and the features inside. This line is ideal for corporate gifts, because it might be nice embossed or monogrammed with corporate logos or individual initials. In addition to briefcases and duffels, this line has men's handbags, shave kits, backpacks and handbags popular. This line is built entirely leather. That includes backpack straps and belt bag Fanny. They do not mix fabrics or man-made materials in the bags. All pieces are full function, with pockets galore. Besides the natural tan, but also have a rich dark brown color and classic black.

The line of Santa Fe is known for the distinctive logo of an engine. They also have the function and style of mixing two of the finished full grain leather Vacquetta subtle contrast. Han Rolling Luggage hand in this beautiful leather, satchels, garment bags, backpacks, sports bags and messenger bags. This line is famous for the tab Indiana Jones' style-on bag with two side buckles and the Santa Fe logo buckles that behind the opening of its easy way of opening and closing is efficient and easy. In this case are three large compartments and a pocket of four steps per file. There are pockets of the organizers leather luxury cell phones, PDAs, glasses, and all contingencies that may lead. The center compartment is padded on the sides and bottom and with capacity for a laptop of 17 "for your convenience. The ergonomic shoulder strap is all leather with extra padding in the shoulder area for comfort. This case comes complete with an attribute to an element that allows portfolio bag to slide down your piece of lightweight rolling luggage to facilitate travel. All rooms come complete with solid brass fittings.

The collection Santa Fe is a more sophisticated look that is a perfect complement to the current Gold, rough collection. Some very special items are prominent Gladstone bag bags and spacious cabin. There is also a full feature leather garment sleeve with two full length pockets on the front panel.
Extra pockets exterior are zippered at the top front panel. The folds of the sleeve in half and has a handle to grasp the pegs. Whether you are traveling with luggage discount or the best brands available, these leather pieces mate improve their travel experience.

Shaving kits and cases of cosmetics on line Dorado and Santa Fe will perform all their accessories travel safely and efficiently. Different models with one or two extra zippered compartments. Some of the models also have compartments to help organize inside. There is also a pendant model compact packages and then hang your comfort in the room hotel. It has small and large pockets to keep all your items. These leather pieces are designed for your enjoyment. Remember that the natural, soft, rich leather Vacquetta burnishing will give you years of good looks. The distinctive style and versatile in many ways and accessories that accommodate all your travel needs and lifestyle life. Santa Fe and Dorado are lightweight, elegant and strong, while offering great value and stylish designs.

Maxine Greco has been in the luggage and travel business for over 37 years. She currently works at Village Luggage & Gifts.

Tenba Shootout Photo/Laptop Courier: Briefcase & Photo Bag

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