Backpack Wheels

Backpack Wheels
Backpack with wheels (luggage) problem of durability. I need super sturdy wheels, strong back.

I need one for college this semester. I to have to haul 4 large textbooks of 5 days and weeks to climb stairs, and down curbs, and the unpaved road. Rollie wheels every store receipt the last two months. Furthermore, the fund tends to be scraped and / or broken. I need a Rollie enough to withstand all that. Looking for online in the following: Transworld (do not know the model) Model BAKADOG (do not know the brand. Scotty as the dog) Print KIVA Rolling Scholar "convertible backpack / Upright Rolling Bag original LL Bean Rolling Backpack Olympia Model: RP-1006 Please Help!

May I suggest a different brand? I had a bag of Eagle Creek Latitude FOR EVER and I put it into an inferno. It looks like a regular Rolly hand luggage, but the back UN-velcro and voila! Backpack straps! Having a new model now called the Switchback. Http: / / might cost a little more, but worth the price. They a guarantee for life, no matter what happens to it – that's correct. I love my luggage CE!

PICK UP YOUR BACKPACK! if you use wheels ur soft

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