Backpack Super

Backpack Super

What pieces of luggage that you buy if you were in the market for new? Â I took a good look at mine. I lifted a lot and found lacking in the requirement of light weight and have found a slightly bent handle withdrawal – luggage new reality, it would be good – new lightweight rolling luggage.

Two sets of luggage have intrigued me: to Eagle Creek and Rick Steves line of luggage.

Both seem to be well designed and constructed. Both make any trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Both systems meet the requirements for light weight and easy maneuverability.

Rolling baggage has been popular for some time, because the weight is not believed to be as important. The thinking is that it is easier to pull a case for carrying to it. While this is true, ignores the many situations that require the removal of wheels, even conduct luggage. Remember that besides being able to lift your luggage at the airline overhead bin, it is also necessary to process transfers between transit stations as taxis, trains and buses.

What size luggage choose depends on the duration of the trip, the reason for going, and if you have only one piece of baggage or items for the luggage is checked through the same fate.

If the elements are the rest of the luggage to your destination, carry out a small travel bag could be ideal for carrying both case. Eagle Creek and Rick Steves carry a small purse during the night, 15 "for the line of Rick Steves and 13.5 "Eagle Creek. Both are very large and fit in your airplane seat, thus granting access to everything you want within reach. price wise Rick Steves Avanti Tote enters the lower end – $ 70 to $ 100 versus $ 115 to $ 165 for the Eagle Creek bag.

For short trips, when only a little larger the bag may be sufficient, asphalt Eagle Creek luggage 20 can also be all need. Its compact size makes it easy to place in containers overhead luggage racks of aircraft. It is lightweight and rolls easily without twisting or turning.

Compensated zippered compartments keep everything organized, yet visible. The shoes have their own special compartment. Several other deals, in addition to that shrink, making for easy pick up and lift.

The 21 "Convertible Carry-On in the line of Rick Steves is possibly even more versatile and useful as it doubles as a backpack. For this reason, it has comfortably curved padded shoulder straps and a padded waist belt. easily convert the bag to a backpack and still follows the guidelines of airlines for luggage cases.

If you need a material to carry out, there is also 21 "Roll-board model.

Both the asphalt 20 Eagle Handbag Creek and Rick Steves Convertible Carry-On is designed to be used in conjunction with its super useful packing cubes and a bag of other system elements.

As regards prices, the asphalt in Eagle Creek 20 is over the $ 200 to $ 250, while 21 "Roll-About" online Rick Steves' has priced between $ 100 and $ 140.

Finally, a quick look on the main stock: Eagle Creek Hovercraft 25-24 25 "Rolling Expandable Upright vs Rick Steves' roll-aboard.

The model of Eagle Creek offers two exterior pockets for travel necessities and designed to fit Pack-It kits and cubes. Account with a lack of protection plate and wheel housing, protection of urban obstacles. bag has a telescoping ergonomic handle, soft, easy to grip top and side handles and a piece of luggage tag distance.

Model Rick Steves' comes with a honeycomb frame, full lining, nonslip handle, smooth rolling wheels, 3 external pockets, 1 large pocket, clip-on bag of security and the possibility of extending the depth of 2 ".

Price: Eagle Creek $ 180 to $ 250, Rick Steves $ 135 to $ 170.

Are you in the market for new luggage?  Both the above lines have baggage reputation for quality design and construction, and meet weight requirements and maneuverability. Prices quoted for comparison were found Happy trails to you Ireland.

Lis Jakub is a practicing marketing student. She loves life, travel and aims to die healthy. Find her here:

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