Backpack Suitcase

Backpack Suitcase
Pros and cons to take a suitcase or backpack to Thailand?

Hi, preapring for a one month trip around SE Asia and wonder if I really need Shoud I have a backpack or a suitcase? my friend and I will be staying in hotels, bungalows, resorts, guest houses, we're not quite sure. I do not know how stable / clean are the paths that were dragging suitcases around and the same goes for beach resorts, plenty of sand, hard to carry a suitcase. And not to mention board a public transport outside packaging and on trains, it is possible to walk distances. Any tips on what people take and more or less what little luggage can be shaken with it there?

I recommend taking a backpack, which can hold water, sanitizer, snacks, papers, laptop, garbage, first aid, books and any other important things. If a water bottle springs a leak in your suitcase, it can be corrupted. Backpacks Plus bags are more common. If someone was about robbery, I would go for the man with the suitcase. Not sure if there is a rule in Thailand luggage though. Maybe a light messenger bag, smaller than a backpack, sturdy, roomy interior.

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