Backpack Rucksack

Backpack Rucksack

By choosing the package that you use to carry your other equipment, you can have more than one choice in depth than initially thought. The decision is more than "What backpack should I buy?". Part of the decision is what kind of situation you want to be prepared to confront.

It could break the load bearing equipment at three levels:

Load Bearing Equipment
Load bearing vest

The first level, the load bearing equipment, is very simple in its design. It consists of a belt (usually a heavy gun belt) and a set of braces. The bags are connected the band, and the rest of your computer is stored in the bags. The elements introduced in the LBE are often the things you need for sustenance. Things could not be without. The reason is that if something happens to you (ie, falls into a river and lose your package) you will still have its lowest gear with you, allowing you to survive.

The Load Bearing Vest, the second level, which is meant as a replacement for the LBE. The advantages are that usually has more pockets on the front of the vest items in the store, and also still has the belt so that the bags can be placed. The problem is that in warm climates, the vest can be uncomfortable – Not to mention make you look like someone who wants to play "tactile cool airsoft guns. You can also make it difficult to put in a prone position, if pockets are full. But except for the bad things, the LBV is very good in making gears.

The third level, the backpack – it's your main pack. It has many types, but for those who want to enjoy the wildlife on a tight budget, I recommend the military ALICE pack. It is quite cheap and is almost indestructible. The ruck should be able to be worn comfortably over either an LBE or LBV. Just a tip, if you buy a Alice Pack, be sure to add some extra padding for the shoulders and the area of the kidneys, you will thank me later.

You can find more information about the skills Further on the rel = "nofollow" href = ""> Wilderness Survival. Personally, I have taken the decision to use an LBV, along with a package ALICE. To be honest, I do not use the LBV that much, but its nice to know that I have if I need and that, as the package Alice is almost indestructible. If you need more space to store things, add a package to her ass and LBE or LBV is a good set of kit. You can find more information about the additional skills related to survival in nature.

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