Backpack Daypack

Backpack Daypack
If a shelter does not have any lockers available?

Once you get to town, I was thinking about leaving my backpack and hostel look around City, backpacking. But if I stay hostel does not offer lockers, does that mean I have to wear the whole thing around, and generally there are lockers available nearby, or have to consult with each manually hostels? By the way, I'm talking about hostels in Europe. Thanks in advance!

In fact, I never had stolen anything (aside from a forgotten bottle of shampoo in a bathroom) in a youth hostel. Generally, people are not going to steal your dirty underwear, etc … Obviously 1) Avoid carrying valuables with the hostels in the first place. 2) Keep passports and cash / credit card on your person at all times. Use the money belt. On any given night of values that do not want to lose under the pillow. 3) Ask the front desk can hold valuables for you if you feel uncomfortable carry around. 4) If you have items of value (gifts or souvenirs, for example) do not leave out in the open. Follow this advice and you should be fine. Definitely do not want to be full size carry a backpack all day if you can help.

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