Backpack Blossom

Backpack Blossom
What do you think of my graduation speech? for pt 2?

First I would like to thank everyone who has come to our graduation. I am happy that I could share this celebration with you all. Wow! I'm graduating! It's something I'm still wrapping my head around. Seems like yesterday I was buying my backpack with my new favorite TV shows. Character in it. Willing to embrace this new adventure in school. This trip of only one child aged preschool asked a graduate of confidence has been really incredible. My mind is flooded with memories as I think of my school days past. A simple game correction to school during recess. Who knew it would blossom into a friendship that lasted all these years? Going into Jr. High, not knowing what to expect, and of course my teaching days at home and my family has more to grow into what I am today. These memories and others will never be forgotten. I am very grateful to the two people in the world who have helped me through grade after grade.

What about your teachers? You have to thank them too.

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