Baby Bag

Baby Bag

We have become accustomed to think of Timi and Leslie Diaper Bags as a manufacturer of baby bags cosmopolitan, elegant, sophisticated and stylish in black and totally identifiable as a diaper bag. Not so much of their new Spring and Summer 2009 lineup which introduces color, fun, fantasy and pure femininity The Timi and Leslie Diaper Bags profile. We have therefore chosen the Marie Antoinette, the quintessence of the feminine, to the review as an evolution out of the Timi & Leslie Metro style.

Timi & Leslie Diaper Bags: Style

Marie Antoinette was a naive and innocent and beautiful that I had a big heart and love for the exquisite artwork and cake, of course. Any collection attributed to the famous Queen of France is calling on his love of fun, fashion and femininity. The Marie Antoinette Tote embodies all the grace and charm of women in nylon quilted, giving it a smoother look for flyers. The handles are of the same fabric to make a very cool bag and enjoyable. In grape, which is really more like a beautiful purple color, which harmonizes with all the soft hues of spring and summer. In Black and Silver, Maria Antonieta may begin early in the morning and take the mother and the baby all the way to a romantic moonlit night.

Timi & Leslie Diaper Bags: Versatility meets functionality

One of the striking features of this bag is its fragile looking incredible strength and sincerity. The Marie Antoinette is one of Large Tote at 16.5 "H x 14" W x 5.25 "D and has long-term capacity to carry all the essential elements of the mother and baby. This is one of Timi & Leslie convertible bags, which means it is designed is your choice of a baby bag, a bag of mother or both with a whisk just a quick change of removing the shoulder strap, a bottle of lamb, changing pad and wristlet, unless you're saving for your makeup. Timi & Leslie functionality incorporated into the design to the versatility engineer, therefore, adaptable stroller straps and removable shoulder strap and handles, to improve the appearance of the baby bag.

Elasticized inside pockets can hold diapers, teething toys, diaper rash cream, burp clothes and all the basic elements of the baby or her makeup, wallet, compact, keys, and any other essentials mom. Without the bottle lamb and Change platform, has a great bag that is lightweight and easy to transport for shopping or a night navigation in the arts district. For the conference room, other styles by Timi & Leslie Diaper Bags are more appropriate as the Parisien or Tote Mod that Marie Antoinette. For a night out, if you are looking for something a little more flashy and not so large, CJ portfolio choice, which, as we predicted, is so popular it sold out.

It might not be able to comfortably carry your laptop Marie Antoinette in the lamb, but needs to be connected to the Internet when you are eating cake?

Cora Lee is the owner of BlissLiving, widely known for a huge selection of Timi and Leslie including unique Timi and Leslie, custom mother’s jewelry, designer diaper bags, and exclusive baby gifts. has been featured in US Weekly and People Magazine’s Celebrity Babies and Pregnancy Magazine, and has been listed as one of the highest rated sites by the Better Business Bureau, with A ratings, for five years in a row.

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