Atlantic Graphite

Atlantic Graphite

Not all people who are fishing for salmon are experts. So if you're a beginner and wish to learn the basics of fishing, here are some things you should know to start and start enjoying the activity of catching fish.

The first thing you should know before you start your fishing adventure salmon is that there are several types of salmon. They are classified into two:
 • Atlantic salmon
 • Pacific Salmon

The Atlantic salmon are clearly fish coming from the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, you can give a wide range in different lakes that are in eastern regions of North America. They are the type of salmon that do not leave their area because they like the best fresh water than salt water.

The most common of all is the Chinook salmon, also known as the king, his mouth black, or spring salmon. Most people call them by these names because they are the highest among all varieties. They are so big they can get to weigh 25 to 65 pounds, maybe even more. These species are found mainly in the southern California coast to the Bering Strait.

In addition, Alaska has been famous for fishing after the heaviest ever documented king salmon, weighing over 96 pounds was caught here. Moreover, Chinook became national fish of Alaska.

Other types of salmon are:
 • The sockeye salmon or red
 • Silver or coho salmon
 • Salmon
 • Chum salmon
 • Atlantic salmon

The Atlantic species were left to wander around the Atlantic coast only. All varieties of the Pacific have different life cycles and all go back to fresh water in which they were raised at different times. Once again the salmon rivers where they originally came from racing, they are called. Therefore, when you hear the term fishing, you know what that means.

Because salmon return always to the point where they settled as eggs, you now have an idea about the perfect time to go fishing or commonly called the fishing season. You know that during this season would definitely be a lot of fish to catch. This is a of the reasons why many fishermen are captivated with fishing, even if just a pastime, a hobby or favorite sport.

In addition, fishing need a primer. There are different types of baits that can be used for salmon fishing and these include:

For freshwater salmon
1. The plugs
2. Worms – The most common bait fish for
3. Lures
4. Flies

For saltwater salmon
1. Streamers
2. Flies
3. Lures
4. Crustaceans

When fly fishing for salmon, it is important that you have a bar of 12-16 foot fiberglass or graphite fly reel and a line. For fishing with live bait must have a 10-foot bar spinning and bait caster reel has a line of 20-pound test. However, if you're up to fishing of a Chinook, you need a boat and a tow bar. In addition, your test line should be 20-40 pounds, because the Chinook was quite large.

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