Atlantic Compass

Atlantic Compass
You need help in week 7?

Press Geography 7 Name: 1. What hemisphere, the Eastern or Western, is the most land? 2. What lines make up "the network of the Earth system? 3. What is the capital of the country with the largest land area in the Hemisphere West? 4. How many degrees are between Ecuador and the southern tip of Greenland? 5. Name five countries in Africa that have coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean and are on or between 20 ° N and 10 ° N. 6. The second largest sea in the world is south of Cuba. What is your name? 7. What country in southern Africa, with Mozambique and South Africa on its eastern and southern borders, respectively, used to be called Rhodesia? 8. Draw a compass rose and label the eight cardinal directions intermediates.

1. West 2. 3. Europe 4. 5. Niger, Chad, Mali, Senegal, Sudan 6. 7.Zimbabwe 8.

Storm on North atlantic

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