Armor Bags

Armor Bags
How much weight a soldier to carry in combat

How much of the bags, uniforms, armor, weapons and other munitions of weight combined. I've seen a few soldiers, carrying heavy bags and special clothing with a large number of bags loaded and large quantity of ammunition and weapons. So how much an average weight of a soldier not wearing when he / she is the fight? What do the bags and bags contain? here is as a soldier at full load. What all things is what you are in combat?

Depends on mission … I carried about 90 pounds of stuff in Afghanistan (with the 82nd Airborne Division), mainly in my backpack, and left in a patrol base (unless you flew in) if we were close enough to the target or were hired by the enemy. Normally we assault packages that weighted 50 pounds with all the ammunition, batteries, water and extras you need to fight and survive. Oh, yes, in addition to bulletproof vests, vest fabric and the weight of the helmet was a constant and occurred at about 40 pounds of extra fun. Add in the climate: cold or heat and altitude to start and some have to fight … He is a weight that can not see. In Iraq, on every tour that took everything but the backpack (patrol and packages assault) and seemed to take much more of the objectives, and then dismounted. But walking in the heat was not fun. So it depends: Recon, ambush, movement Contact, RAID, condone and search … what is your mission. So that's what the man has to fight. It is sometimes too, but you can never have too much ammunition and water. If I could find a way to post it, could show a packing list of some of the things in all our bags and pockets. We have first aid bandages, ammunition, food, hand grenades, MRE (broken down of course), notepad, pens, maps, radio batteries, a mortar (for the firm guns 60mm), a belt 100rds 7.62 for M240B machine guns, more ammo, 2 x 1QT eaters (not always a trust Camelback), VS-17 marking panel, radio small squadron of hand, flexi-candy, a book to read, more ammunition, magazines, weapons cleaning kit, the book of the phase of the local language compass, GPS, and a dozen more, but you get the picture ….

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