Anti Dvt

Anti Dvt
A person has left 4 arm DVT. Anti-coagulation is contraindicated. What can you do and what is the prognosis?

He had a cerebral hemorrhage July 14 and is deep vein thrombosis following a PICC line several days later. It also has a defibrillator and asked if he was a bad idea for him to have a PICC line on the same side (you may share a space). He is 64 years old and was a very active person. No no treatment of any kind was initiated by doctors, not even half of compression.

This is not good, but I'm sure they've reached this conclusion on their own. In his case, being a high risk of bleeding, doctors can not take the opportunity to make thinner. There therefore is a game of wait and view. If it gets worse they can do a "cut" to restore blood flow. But apart from being in the arm that is going to wait and hope the body dissolves itself alone. Hopefully, IV fluids will help this process out … The arm must have a sufficient collateral circulation to compensate enough that there will be no permanent damage. Must stay in the hospital just incase the clot does not dissolve enough and it becomes an embolism, where emergency treatment is critical. But if this was my father who would be what I would expect it to happen. It is the safest way.

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