Answers from Diamond Resorts about their massive fee hikes

By Andrew Penman on Dec 18, 08 11:22 AM in Timeshare & holidays
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In the most recent case of exorbitant increases, here’s one just reported from the

It’s only taken three months, but we’ve finally got some answers from timeshare outfit Diamond Resorts International.

This lot have sparked fury by yanking up maintenance fees by 40 per cent in one year.

In some cases that amounts to an annual bill approaching £1,000. You could buy a decent holiday for that, without being tied to the same company and resorts.

Some readers who have contacted us are so dismayed by the price hike that they’re considering dumping their timeshares.

There’s not much point trying to sell them, because who’s going want to buy a huge millstone like an annual bill of a grand?

We first asked Diamond Resorts chairman Stephen Cloobeck what was going on in September and he hasn’t got back.

But we’ve finally heard from president Simon Crawford-Welch, who told us: “The increase in maintenance fees is a necessary move in today’s environment to ensure we offer our members the quality of accommodation and vacation experience which they deserve.

“These increases were approved by the various homeowner committees and boards and were implemented with the full support and consent of those entities.”

Not sure that the fee increase really has such wide – spread support, as just one comment on our Diamond Resorts blog from Robert and Lorraine Cooper suggests.

“We too have contacted Diamond to say we cannot afford to pay the 2009 fee,” they say.

“We did however have a response saying that basically unless we are declared bankrupt, are over 75 with health problems affecting our income, or dead (for which they need a death certificate!) then we have got to pay.

“Surely if enough of us refuse they will have to listen to our complaints.”

Meanwhile we’ve had no answer from Diamond to our latest question: How much is it planning in increase maintenance fees next year?

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