Annual Timeshare

Annual Timeshare
How can I sell my timeshare?

I have a timeshare in a ski resort for the premium. I do not want to continue paying the annual costs I do not use the week

You have a number of options. First NO prepayment of a dealer to do this for you. Prepaid sresellers are a scam themselves. If you go through a dealer, always make sure they are paid after the unit is sold and receives all fees and services in writing before making any commitment. Some other options: Donate to charity – there are a number of charities that will take your timeshare unit and give a deduction tax sell it yourself – a list that in places like Craigslist or the local newspaper where your timeshare is located. auction – on a site like eBay Give away – If you have a loan on it and it is not better than the loan, consider trying to get rid of him with someone just assume the loan. Much depends on how much timeshare is worth. Remember, timeshares lose 50% – 80% of its value when you purchase them, so getting something that is close to 50% of what you should pay in most cases take.

01434 For Sale and Rent- Grandview Resort Las Vegas Timeshare- From owner

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