Anne Taintor

Anne Taintor
Bridal Shower Decorations … Help!?

I've decided on my theme "Vintage Pin-Up Party". My invitations came from the website of Anne Taintor and I want to keep the pin-up vintage theme through out the match. Any ideas on decorating and / or games for the show? Think Betty Grable, Mae West, Rita Hayworth, Julie Newmar, etc. .. Thank you!

Hmmmmm …. This is going to take some deep thinking! I'm kind of white drawing, but the closest I can think is to gather a bunch of pictures of the bride and groom to be and bring them to Wal Mart or Kinkos and have copies made in the …. sepia and make a great book of cardboard waste by newsletter wooden covered batting and wrapped in cloth … Criss Cross then tape through the Board to make a large bulletin board, put the "PIN UP" images on the tapes. You may be able to do an Internet search for the old pin up photos which have listed above and put in them, between the bride and groom to be. In As for games ….. I would make a common search for bachelorette party games and make a list of those who've played before and customized to match the theme …. The best I can reach is that the prizes … they make great bags vintage pin up ….. you can find a couple of these things and lip glosses and nail polish and accessories for gifts as a bonus! Good luck and enjoy!

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