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I have leather shoes Sperry Topsider all. smell bad and need to know how to get the smell?

I put them in the washer?

Most shoes will be ruined if put in the washing machine. First, most shoes are made of rubber, rubber and plastics that will be destroyed by the detergent and warm water, and hit on the machine. Secondly, it is difficult to draw water from the foam used in templates and in the isolation of the casual footwear Sports – If this moisture does not dry completely, then probably the shoes to breed bacteria and putrefaction. And thirdly, the leather is an animal (meat) product, unlike a live animal can not be cured when it is injured – Photo how wrinkled and dry hands (or better yet, a piece of meat!) obtained after a half hour or more of which fluttered around detergent in warm water. Smelly shoes are caused by the same thing as the bad breath bacteria. To get rid of the smell, have to get rid of the bacteria. An antibacterial spray footwear * is your best option – to give the shoes a good deal, then let them sit for a few days for bacteria may die. Always wear clean socks, and try to "torn" between a few pairs of shoes instead of using the same pair every day – if your shoes are allowed to air out between uses, the bacteria is more likely to die rather than grow out of control and getting smelly. And keep your shoes dry – use a cream or spray waterproofing good, and reapply frequently. Sometimes a pair of smelly shoes stay no matter what you do. This is because leather or rubber foam is so infested with bacteria which is really rotten. In this case, all we can do is throw them out.


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