Adventure Bag

Adventure Bag
What is the best backpack to travel to New Zealand?

I am a woman, 5'8 ", around 140 lbs.'m Looking for a package that can take as my main bag for 6-12 months New Zealand working holiday. I plan to pack light and do not want a big bag that will not be practical for other trekking adventures. But I need to fit all the essentials for a maximum of one year. I work at a ski resort that gives me great discounts Mountain Hardware and Homme, so that all the ideas in their best packages / best size and style for me is much appreciated!

probably something from The North Face … would likely be his best option … which is a premium brand and are resistant. you will probably find a good deal if you search enough

Maxpedition Hard Use Gear Review: Doppelduffel Adventure Bag, CUBOIDS, And Keyper

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