Adaptor Universal

Adaptor Universal

Selection of the best wireless router for your configuration can be a difficult task for many people. This article aims to teach some basic features to look for when buying a wireless router.

What type of user are you?

The first step to find the best wireless router for your needs is to know what type of user you are. Here are a couple of questions you can do to find out. With how often you use your computer? What do you do on your computer? Do you use the Internet regularly?

I have reduced the user types into three groups to keep things simple. There are beginners, average users and heavy users. Beginners are those who are new to wireless networks. Usually, you use their computers to perform simple tasks like reading emails. The average users are people who have been around computers for a while and can not have a wireless network. The heavy users have been using computers and networks for a while. They are users who require high-speed connections Download a wealth of information online. Players are also a good example of heavy users.

What characteristics will you need?

Now that you have identified the type of user that can happen to the selection of features that will be used. I will not give a very detailed description of the features since there are many, but I will discuss the important features to look for. The most important characteristics who are seeing the speed, range, reliability and ease of use.

Beginners like to buy a team like D-Link Wireless G Starter Kit (DWL-922C) or something similar. It comes with a wireless USB adapter AirPlus Xtreme G, and 2.4 GHz wireless router. It's cheap, comes with everything you need to create a simple wireless network, and is very easy configuration. This kit will provide a wireless network that adapts to the range of most small and medium-sized homes. Also surprisingly reliable for the price.

The average user is seeking more reliability than the burning speed. They want a stable relationship, which rarely cut. For average users I recommend the Linksys WRT54G. Is compatible with many other network components and is also quite reliable. It is spacious and performance are highly valued compared to other wireless routers G. It is a price just for what you get and very easy to configure and secure.

Heavy users require both speed and reliability. I can be very frustrating for a player online to get disconnected from the game or stay one step behind the competition due to the speed of the poor of their wireless router. If you're an intensive I would recommend that you buy one of the newest wireless routers N. The D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router is one of the best wireless routers at all times. It is extremely fast and reliable.

Adding it all

Hopefully this article has taught you a thing or two about wireless routers. Should help find a router that is in your price range and meets all your wireless needs. Remember, you do not always need to spend more money to buy a product that has features that will never use.

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