Adaptor Socket

Adaptor Socket
Help me find this electrical outlet please?

My house was recently remodeled with new shots … and unusual. The slope left is a T (rotated 90 degrees clockwise), the contact on the right is a horizontal bar, and the contact depth is the form of a tunnel cross section. I'm in Antigua and can not find any adapter on the island (at all) to convert to this connector. Can someone guide me where I can be able to find an adapter for buy online (or have a friend purchase in the United Kingdom). No matter what it is "from" … I Multiadapter, if I could get something to connect! Let clarify … My electrician also could not find the adapters on the island (although he could not find the plugs). We changed the electrical outlets on each appliance in the house, except my computer, camera, field trip, so I need an adapter to make this work, since they do not want to change these plugs

Has standard NEMA 6-20R receptacles than in the U.S. would be for a nominal 240V 20A circuit. The T-shaped, left hand (neutral) can take the tooth tooth connect a 15A vertical or horizontal connecting points one 20A. The right hand (hot) is horizontal for 240 feet (if vertical, this would be a NEMA 5-20R, which is much more common in the U.S. 120). Check with your electrician, but I suppose it Antiguia of 230V, 20A, 60Hz. If your appliances are 230V (UK), then you only need an adapter, but keep in mind that devices designed for 50Hz motor may have problems running at 60Hz. If your appliances are 120 (U.S.), then you need more than the adapters – you will need processors. Ask your electrician if this is what you are looking for: Hope this helps.

VideoYug – 12V Double Socket Adaptor

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