Adaptor Convert

Adaptor Convert

In preparing his trip to Paris, do not forget to pack the appropriate adapters for your small appliances. Otherwise you get into trouble.

A higher voltage

Franceo-electric power and more generally European, which leaves the 230-240 volt electrical outlets. Tension in the U.S. is 110 volts. If your electric shaver is not rated to operate between 110 and 240 volts, it will burn rapidly when you plug in an outlet of French.

Before you take your electric shaver or a CD player with you, verify which voltage it supports. If they are equipped with processors Â-small devices that convert to 110 volts in a 9 – or 12-volt current, also called converters – check the voltage characteristics transformers. The tension band must clearly indicate on their labels. If the labels Â'110 Volts state ', from thata not enough. You burn both the converter and the device when plugged into a power abroad.

Pack only appliances that use between 110 and 240 volts, or 9-12 volt when (and only when) using transformers rated to accept the European 230-240 volts.

Transformers designed for computers Laptops usually be rated to operate at 100-240 volts. Check yours beforehand. If it is only rated 110 volts, go to the nearest Radio Shack store with your laptop, and buy a multi-voltage transformer suitable.

Check the battery charger for your digital camera and cell phone too. Some battery chargers can run on 240 volts, some can not. Read the labels on your charger and the transformer that can come with it.

Plug differences

The electrodes (terminals) in a U.S. plug are flat. The electrodes in a plug of France, cylindrical. France outlets only accept these cylindrical pin.

This means you will not able to connect your flat American plug into an outlet on standard French.

Buy a cheap adapter. They come in different shapes and forms. The more sophisticated allow you to connect your devices anywhere in the world.

You should be able to find low-cost at your local hardware store. Call before you get there, not all stores carry these items. You can also find travel adapters at the airport.

Adapters are not transformers

Adapters are simple devices that allow its US-model plug is plugged into a French or European model.

Converters and transformers modify the characteristics of the current that powers your device.

Do not confuse one for the other. The converter is heavier because there is a metal coil in it. The adapter is usually light because all ita plastic pieces of metal.

Sometimes female terminals converters also double as adapted, in which case the shape of the male terminals match the shape of the shot.

Hair Dryers

Hair dryers generally expect a lot of energy. If yours does not work between 110 and 240 volts, you have to buy a bulky transformer.

I advise you not to pack this device, simply call the hotel to check if they provide hair dryers in the rooms.

(Special thanks to Vincent Ramelli for their assistance with this article)

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