Adapter Adaptor

Adapter Adaptor

You have to understand that no matter how well you care about the laptop battery will lose performance and one day die. Of course, his exploits will slow the aging process of your battery. In warmer environments, while the laptop is used and the battery is heated, its battery is run out of energy faster. For this reason, the number one rule is: Keep your cool laptop. Try to keep the battery at room temperature. But do not put your battery in a freezer or refrigerator. That will make the battery useless.

The second most important point is, every cycle all out (or employment) of the battery performance is reduced. Of course, this is not surprising. However, depending on when compared with the first use, is surprising.

When users continually nailing and keep the battery connected to the battery electricity will follow the process of loading and unloading. If you use a fully charged battery hot laptop that worked previously, will be discharged faster than normal. Once the target level of burden falls (is different for each company) to provide current laptop battery, AC adapter full of extra electricity. Laptop battery for growing old, self-discharge is connected and depending on use, gradually increase.

Normally lithium-ion batteries will perform a 600-800 charge and discharge cycle. This means a life between 1.5 and 3 years. As described above, when using the laptop battery, re-packaging of origin (AC adapter) will remain unnecessarily covered.

As a side note, most laptop users I think is the best way to fully charge the battery after fully met. But this case is for nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery method. Today batteries have different chemical reactions and have different characteristics.

The best method of charging when the battery is lithium ion occupancy rate is between 10% and 20% which is the best time to be filled again, the way Healthy to reduce the capacity of its slow. To charge the battery when completely empty, this is an ancient method and a mistaken belief. Windows OS warn us to connect the adapter when the best time to charge the battery (10%, so 20%).
Some tips for laptop battery use:

1 – New laptop batteries are generally offered empty. The first fill should be as long as possible (minimum 4 hours) and do not use the battery is fully charged before.

2 – If you can keep your battery fresh, keep it. But that does not mean to put it in the freezer or something.

3 – Do not connect the battery when connected via an adapter.

4 – Do not wait for the battery to be completely empty to reload, this method was for the older type batteries.

5 – If you have not used the battery for a while, do not try to fully charge, use at least their rate of employment is 10%.

6 – If you buy a backup battery, do not wait until your battery to die, because its backup battery also will die when expected.

Gursel Batmaz is an experienced writer who works at a laptop related company. To learn more about laptop battery care take a look at Toshiba laptops site.

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