Accepted Cable

Accepted Cable

With the arrival of the cruise lines afloat gays and lesbians in the Caribbean, leadership in the Bahamas has taken a stand against legal affairs for the community gay and lesbian. The Prime Minister has issued statements of condemnation of homophobia and what is illegal. Contrary to popular opinion, today's travelers to the Bahamas will be gay welcome to keep living in the Bahamas tourism industry. The Bahamas is however unlike America. You will not find many gay-owned or gay friendly, gay bars and the Bahamas are very rare, however, the gay community, though small, is strong and ready to welcome him.

In the past, the Bahamas has sought to publicize the idea that the gay lifestyle was not accepted. There has been widespread homophobia in some time. A beauty queen of 2005 lesbian-crowned, and movies as 'Brokeback Mountain' has been banned. In addition, the Bahamas has become widely known that the Bahamas does not even have gay bars. This is his attempt to dissuade to this lifestyle on their island and its nightlife.

Fortunately, you only have to know where to look when searching for gay bars in the Bahamas. There are bars that have flourished in silence for as long as forty years. The Bahamian capital, Nassau, has four gay-owned and operated bars in the downtown. Everyone these are conveniently located near the station of Cable Beach. Freeport, Grand Bahama is also home to a scene from the gay nightlife milder and still is its offer of a small number of gay bars.

If you are traveling to the Bahamas, a word of caution, because a gay traveler. Discretion can not be everything As a rule, while traveling in the United States, but in the Bahamas, particularly in bars, that is better to be discreet, without having to hide who you are. Public demonstrations affection is not suggested, unless you while you are in the security zone of the Bahamas gay bars, where you can feel at home.

Nathaly Dedeyan is co-owner of a free online directory of gay bars and clubs in Bahamas, Caribbean. Visitors to are able to browse and rate or review gay bars and clubs in the Bahamas area and club owners are able to submit their clubs and bars, news, photos and upcoming events for free.

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