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Wyndham Timeshare: Is it worth the cost?

After so many hours sitting in his office, finally enrolled in the plan point by $ 77K 12.5K. They gave me extra 216K pts, 5 cert RCI extra vacation. ($ 249 each). I think the bonus will qualify me for the VIP program for the 1st year. I signed knowing that document have a 10 cooling period. I've since done some research and most seem to lean toward the purchase of resale at a price much more cheap. How do you buy a book resale? And it is wise to do that instead of maintaining my own contract? I'm thinking about canceling my contract, wondering if there is any cost for that. Honestly, with the rates of many: principal. ($ 30.5), entertainment ($ 49), taxes ($ 73), I really am confused … so please help me …. Thanks

I am a Fairfield / Wyndham timeshare owner but I bought everything on the secondary market and has a great deal and I'm very happy with the purchase. I bought more than 600,000 points per year (renewable on 31 March each year) and have been using regular timeshare. I paid much less for my 600,000 points of which paid for 77,000 points. VIP does not receive benefits but receives all the rest of the Bennys including free RCI membership each year. For these points you can get two-bedroom apartment of about 150,000 Pts or 4 weeks in prime time, or can I get an apartment for about 54,000 points or 11 weeks of vacation. In fact, recently spent two weeks with my family in a 3 bedroom condo with a fireplace in the desert in Wisconsin Dells. (Two weeks, 1300 sq. ft. apartment pool, whirlpool, etc. 226,000 points, not cousins.) We have spent in the water park as part of the timeshare. These entries (ten per day) alone would have cost me over 1500.00 if I had to buy for my family. Basically, I pay taxes and stay in nice places at a price of rate cut. Even with that told me never to buy a time shared in a sample, the cost is extraordinarily high and not much more than if you buy through eBay. I have sat through at least ten of the presentations, especially for my friends who have time shares and get deducted from your taxes and support payments if they can get prospects to listen in I've never purchased through them, but I have a lot of free nights. I will say this, but all I've looked timeshare, campground, Vistana, Branson, Hilton, RCI etc, Wyndham / Fairfield is the best and if someone were to look for in a timeshare market (secondary), I would recommend they at least look at Wyndham. In reading these responses to all points that if you buy through a sales presentation or through a direct purchase of a developer, it immediately loses value. If that's the case, buy one from a person you are taking the loss. The timeshare is worth only what someone is willing to pay. If you are interested, the secondary market boxes on Ebay. Only search timeshare or timeshare Wyndham timeshare or RCI, so worth your time if you're serious about buying. When you go to eBay, "timeshare Wyndham "and find one that is equivalent to what you bought to see what the resale value of your timeshare is in reality.

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